Buying a House

So I'm going to try to add some levity to this website here, and tell y'all about my current adventures in house buying.

So like many millennials, buying a home seemed (and still does, truthfully) seem like a fabled, distant part of our past that will never be obtainable.

And in some aspects, that's still right! See, I don't live in a huge city, just over 100,000 people. For Canada it's on the bigger side but not...enormous. With all of that being considered, we can still only afford condos, despite good credit, an okay sized down payment yadda yadda...we're limited to condos.

I know I shouldn't be complaining, but for the record, the cheapest condo we looked at was over $300,000...and STILL didn't allow pets.

We really only had two requirements, allow pets and allow a BBQ on the patio. (Guess which requirement was mine, lol) and that narrowed the available houses down over 70%. Housing is REALLY messed up here.

Still, I feel like when adults talk about buying a house, they make it sound like this huge ordeal and how "viewing houses is extremely important" and I tell you, it's not that hard. You pull up to a house and within 45 seconds we either outright said no, or put it on a shortlist. You see, either the places we looked at had outright GARBAGE carpet/walls (we're talking mold, huge questionable stains, or actual big holes in the drywall.) or didn't tell us that they didn't allow pets until we got there. Whoops.

Right now, we're in the midst of sealing the deal on one place, and you know what? 99% of buying a house is waiting on OTHER PEOPLE to sign things for you. Letters of employment, contracts, offers, bank's all other people that need to help you out.

Basically, tl;dr, house buying sucks and I'm bored and adults who think this is a super important part of your life are boring and don't know how to have fun.