About Our Suits and Designs

Each pre-made suit we make comes with the character it was designed for. Sometimes this is a full body piece if the pre-made is a partial, but you may just be granted the head design and the rest of the body is all up to personal interpretation.

Each character is pre-named, however, we don't mind at all if you change it! It just helps folks relate to the suit they are purchasing.

If you purchase just the head from us, you are more than welcome--encouraged, even, to add on more pieces such as tail, paws, feet, sleeves, heck, even a whole bodysuit!

These do add to the completion time, depending on the pieces ordered, may add up to 14 days to the order shipment time, unless it is a bodysuit in which case it could be 4-5 weeks after the DTD is received for it to be shipped out.

We totally understand that these are now your characters, therefore any design changes are welcome, however, if these design changes include the modification of the suit, we cannot under any circumstances, refund any money or accept any returns or refurbs. We take extensive pictures and video of our products before shipping to ensure quality control.

This being said, if you purchase a head that isn't part of a partial from us and want to change the design for the paws and tail, we would be totally happy to help you with that and help bring your new character to life!

Thank you so much for being our wonderful customers!