Costs and Payment Details

Since we specialize in pre-made suits and designs, we understand that there are times where folks would like to add on pieces and parts to their projects.

Our heads range in price from $350-$400 usd depending on complexity.

Partials are $600-$700 usd depending on complexity.

However, add-ons for suits are as follows with all prices in USD:

* Tails (Under 12 inches) - $50
(Over 12") - $80

Floor draggers or overly large tails are subject to charge depending on the tail.

* Paws - $100

* Feet paws - $150

This way there isn't a huge discrepancy between the price of a pre-made partial and the commissioned add-on pieces.

To add on pieces to a head-only order, pay for the head and in the order notes, or through e-mail, within 12 hours of ordering, let us know what you wanted to add. Our design team will chat with you and draft sketches for your approval. Once the designs have been approved by you, it could take up to an additional 14 business days to ship your order. They will be shipped along with the head. If there any any additional shipping, that will be added to the order with the additional pieces.